Why Trust Lincoln Hearing Clinic?

We know you have a choice when it comes to hearing health – and at Lincoln Hearing, we want you to know that you will get the very best care possible.

We listen differently – to help you hear exactly the way you want to hear, faster and with less stress.

There is a science to listening – as well as a science to helping you hear better. With Lincoln Hearing, you get both. Audiologist Jerry Laufman is also an experienced musician and sound engineer, which means he understands the science of listening differently that most hearing professionals overlook. Tuning your hearing aid is as much an art as a science.

At Lincoln Hearing Clinic, you benefit from a more precise evaluation of your hearing loss and more refined treatment – so you start hearing better, faster.

» Learn How Jerry's Experience as a Sound Engineer Can Help You

Our Audiologist is in-house every day, which means you are always in good hands.

Only Audiologists have the qualifications and credentials to prescribe your hearing care. However, many hearing clinics do not have full-time Audiologists, and are primarily staffed by Hearing Instrument Specialists. At Lincoln Hearing Clinic, your audiologist is always available when you need him.  

» The Difference Between Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists

Choose Lincoln Hearing Clinic For Hearing Aids, Beamsville, Grimsby, Niagara

Lincoln Hearing is family owned – and when you become a patient, you become part of our family.

At Lincoln Hearing, we tell new patients, "Expect to be treated like family!" We care deeply about the hearing health of our patients and have grown our practice over 20 years on word of mouth referrals from 'family members' who appreciate our attention to their needs.

  • It may sound corny, but we are truly a down-to-earth, family run business that considers every one of our patients part of the family. We really care about you... and, by extension, every one of your family members and loved ones.
    - Lorraine Laufman, Clinic Co-Owner

No commissions means you get the product that is right for you and your budget.

Our focus is helping you find solutions to hearing problems that work within your lifestyle and your budget, not on making commissions on the sales of hearing aid products. We represent a full range of manufacturer solutions and will present to you the product that we believe will work best for you, regardless of cost.

» Tips for New Hearing Aid Wearers

 Personalized counselling helps patients and families communicate better.

Helping you hear better solves only half of the problem. That's why we provide counselling that helps families to understand what to expect and includes strategies to help improve communications and making a hearing problem a much smaller one. Want to understand more about the counselling process?

» We'll Help Your Entire Family Hear You Better