Hearing Aid Services in Niagara

Whether you are ready for your first set of hearing aids, or you're looking for a better solution, you can count on Lincoln Hearing Clinic in Beamsville (Niagara) to find the perfect fit for both your lifestyle... and your budget. 

Types of Hearing Aids, Beamsville, Grimsby, Niagara

How a hearing aid works:

The built-in microphones pick up sounds

These sounds are analyzed and 'processed' by the computer chip

The processed sounds are sent to the amplifier and then to the loudspeaker

The loudspeaker transmits the amplified sounds into the inner ear, through a thin tube or wire

In the inner ear the sounds are transformed into electrical impulses

Impulses are picked up by the brain where they are processed and experienced as normal 'sounds'

What Are Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are small devices that fit around the ear and inside the ear cavity to assist those with varying degrees of hearing loss to improve their hearing.

All hearing aids comprise of 5 basic components: microphones, an amplifier, a loudspeaker, a battery and a computer chip that is programmed by the hearing care professional to ensure the individual hears the way they want to.  » More FAQs

Hearing aids work making sounds louder and can be fine tuned to allow clearer sound in noisy environments as well as quiet environments.

Who Are Hearing Aids Designed To Help?

Hearing aids can help anyone – from an infant to a senior – who is experiencing hearing loss, whether the loss is minor or extreme.  » Signs of Hearing Loss

Finding the Right Fit

At Lincoln Hearing Clinic, we offer a full range of hearing aid makes and models – and we do not receive commissions for selling any particular brand. This gives us the freedom to help you find the hearing aids that will work for your lifestyle and budget.

Tuning & Repair

In addition to being an audiologist, Lincoln Hearing Clinic owner Jerry Laufman is also an audio engineer.

Why should this matter to you?

Well, as a sound engineer, Jerry's training allows him to hear sound very distinctly. His ability to make very specific adjustments to your hearing aids based on his understanding of sound as well as his understanding of the ear, means that you are able to hear exactly the way you want.

Your hearing aid will be tuned better, and with fewer visits. We know this will make you happy. » Learn More 

And, if you have any sort of trouble with your hearing aids, we'll help you get them fixed, fast.