Hearing Loss in Children

As a parent, we encourage you to be familiar with possible signs of hearing loss in your children and to contact our Audiologist in Beamsville (Niagara) if you have any questions at all.

Causes of Hearing Loss in Children

There are a number of potential causes for hearing loss in a child. 

Congenital hearing loss, a condition at birth, can be caused by genetic factors, but it also can be caused by other things, like an infection during pregnancy, prematurity, injury at birth, and other health conditions.

Acquired hearing loss (after birth) can result from various causes – including viral and bacterial infections like meningitis or the measles, frequent ear infections, a head injury, or exposure to very loud noises.

  • Parents often look long and hard for the right fit for their child when they suspect hearing problems. We understand the challenges parents face – emotional, physical and behavioural – and we're here to help every step of the way to ensure everyone in the family hears each other as best as is possible.
    - Jerry Laufman, Audiologist

Hearing Screening for Newborns & Children

The vast majority of newborns will receive a hearing screening before discharge from the hospital. While these screening tests can detect 80 to 90 percent of infants with moderate degrees of hearing loss and greater, it is important to understand that no screening test is perfect.

Children with mild hearing loss may pass newborn hearing screenings, and hearing screenings for newborns cannot identify children with late onset or progressive types of hearing loss.

It is especially important, therefore, that you monitor your child’s developmental milestones with regular hearing screenings as they grow. Many professionals recommend that school-aged children receive hearing screenings:

  • When they start going to school
  • At least once at ages 6, 8, and 10
  • At least once during middle school
  • At least once during high school

If your child has any known health or learning needs, speech, language, or developmental delays or a family history of early hearing loss, more frequent screening may be recommended.

Watching for Signs of Hearing Loss

Signs of hearing loss to watch for in a child include:

  • Concern by a family member or teacher that a child is not quick to hear things
  • Delays in the development of a child’s ability to speak and use language as compared to others of the same age
  • Difficulty with paying attention and behaving
  • Difficulty with academic performance
  • Inappropriate, delayed, or lack of response to soft and moderate-level sounds or spoken language when distractions are minimal
  • Frequent use of "what?" or "huh?"
  • Not responding to voices over the telephone or continually switching ears when on the phone
  • Intently watching the faces of speakers
  • Difficulty understanding speech when there is background noise
  • Sitting close to the TV when the volume is loud enough for others
  • Not becoming startled by sudden, loud noises
  • Unable to accurately figure out where a sound is coming from
Hearing Loss in Children, Beamsville, Grimsby, Niagara

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