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Hearing Aid Care in the Winter

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Hearing Aid Care in the Winter

Hearing aids can be worn in all seasons, but they need some special considerations when the weather gets cold and snowy. Here are some tips for extra hearing aid care in the winter:

1)      Be mindful when removing winter hats and scarves, they might catch on the fabric and pull out.
2)      Keep your ears and hearing aids warm and dry by covering them with a hat or earmuffs.
(Read more about why you should keep your ears warm here: Keep Your Ears Warm This Winter!)
3)      Consider leaving your hearing aids at home if you plan on being outside for an extended amount of time, or taking part in winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling. Hearing aids are more likely to be lost during these activities.
4)      Carry extra batteries or your charger if you plan on being outside with your hearing aids. The cold can drain the battery faster than usual.
5)      When coming inside from the cold, condensation and moisture can build up in your ear and the hearing aid because of your body temperature. Remove the hearing aids when going into a warm place and wipe them down with a dry cloth, then open the battery compartment door and let the moisture escape while they warm up. If you have a hearing aid dehumidifier or drying case, put them in that.

If your hearing aids do come in contact with a lot of moisture, don’t panic! Check out our dos and don’ts to restoring wet hearing aids here: What To Do If Hearing Aids Get Wet