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Basic Hearing Aid Troubleshooting

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Basic Hearing Aid Troubleshooting

We are always happy to help when it comes to solving your hearing aid problems but knowing how to do basic troubleshooting if your hearing aids stop working is very helpful. What if it’s the weekend and we can’t be reached? What if you’re travelling? Also, with the current Covid-19 situation, everyone is encouraged to stay home as much as they can and limit their exposure to other people. There are many instances where knowing where to start if there’s a sudden issue with your hearing aid is beneficial.

If your hearing aids are not producing any sound:

  • Start with making sure the device is turned on, maybe it was turned off accidentally when putting it on.
  • Check the volume. Maybe the volume was turned down somehow and just needs to be turned back up.
  • Look at the hearing aid and see if there is any blockage. There may be a wax buildup, so it may be time to change the filter and/or dome and do some gentle cleaning.
  • Check the battery. The battery may have died, so put some new ones in and see if that solves the problem. If the battery door doesn’t close easily, most likely the battery is in upside down and the hearing aid won’t turn on. Also, check the expiry on the batteries. If they are around 3-4 years old, they lose their effectiveness and it’s time for new batteries.
    In the case of rechargeable batteries, were the hearing aids charged? Were they in the charger correctly? Was the charger plugged in?
If the hearing aid has sound but it is not loud enough:
  • Look at the hearing aid for any blockages and clean if necessary.
  • Check the volume. Maybe the volume was turned down somehow and just needs to be turned back up.
    If you find yourself turning up the volume on a regular basis, your hearing may have changed, or you may need the hearing aid re-programmed. In those cases, call us to schedule an appointment.
  • Change the program. It is possible that the program may have been accidentally switched.
  • Check the battery. If it is drained or corroded, replace it.
  • Moisture may have gotten in the hearing aid. If you suspect this may be the case (accidentally left hearing aid on in the shower/bath, in a pool, or you were in a climate where it may have been exposed to a lot of sweat), place it in a dry kit or hearing aid dehumidifier overnight and try it again in the morning.
If the hearing aid is whistling, the sound is distorted, or there’s feedback:
  • Remove the hearing aid and reinsert it, it may have not been inserted properly.
  • Turn down the volume and keep it near its default volume setting.
  • Check the battery and the connectors for corrosion. Change the battery if it is damaged or drained.
  • If it is still creating feedback, there may be a blockage in your ear canal or the fit may need to be adjusted. In those cases, call us to schedule an appointment.
If problems persist or you’re not sure what to do, definitely give us a call and we’ll try to help as best we can! Sometimes we can assist you over the phone but if not we can definitely schedule an appointment for us to check it out or send the hearing aid off for repair.