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Hearing Loss Strains Relationships

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Hearing Loss Strains Relationships

How many times have you heard about the importance of communication when it comes to relationships? Many times, right? That’s because it’s true. And there is no bigger threat to communication than hearing loss.

Since hearing loss tends to happen gradually, it’s effect on a relationship may happen gradually, too. As it becomes increasingly difficult for someone to hear things that once came through loud and clear, it can be easy for someone without hearing loss to misinterpret the other’s lack of response as a lack of interest.

Research has found that even seemingly trivial, brief communications that happen during the course of the day are incredibly important to the bond between people. The barrier of hearing loss can lead to a sense of isolation and loneliness for both. Such conditions have led to the loss of friendships and even marriages.

With the life-changing consequences of relationship loss in the balance, it becomes ever more puzzling that most people diagnosed with hearing loss don’t do anything about it. If you have hearing loss, please don’t let it go untreated. You’re running the risk of slowly chipping away at the bonds between you and the people who mean the most to you.

Protect your most cherished relationships by having your hearing checked and taking whatever steps are necessary to preserve and/or restore it. A simple, discreet hearing aid could be all it takes to make your relationships better than ever.