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Hearing Aid Batteries – How Long Do They Really Last?

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Hearing aid batteries are an important consideration for anyone looking to purchase a new pair of hearing aids. Find out what to expect below!

If you have a new hearing aid, you may be wondering...

  1. How long will my hearing aid batteries last?
  2. How much do hearing aid batteries cost?
  3. What hearing aids have the best battery life?
  4. Does wireless audio streaming impact battery life?

If you've been asking yourself any of the above questions, these recent survey results from Hearing Tracker may interest you.

Hearing Tracker surveyed over 500 hearing aid users in an effort to get a better idea of how long hearing aid batteries really last.

Click on link below for the survey results!

Hearing Aid Batteries – How Long Do They Really Last?

Battery Replacement

Hearing aids purchased through Lincoln Hearing Clinic include replacement batteries for 3 years.

NEW! Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Did you know there are now hearing aid options with rechargeable batteries? Contact us to learn more.