Would you be embarassed if your loved one wore hearing aids?

Would you be embarrassed if your loved one wore hearing aids or glasses, used a cane or some other aid to help enhance their daily living?

If you were would you “forbid” them to purchase said device and/or refuse to be seen with them in public if they were to use it?

Until recently, that question wasn’t one I would ever think of asking, and quite honestly really didn’t know how to respond or react when one day faced with that situation.

My first thought was “seriously?” you have got to be kidding me! Then I was angry (how dare someone treat their “loved” one in that manner?) also thinking that it borders on a form of abuse/neglect and at the same time glad for the fact that this situation arose in the form of voicemail.

Then I just felt sadness. I recalled the day that this person came out of their evaluation quote in hand, smiling from ear to ear excited to get home to share with their loved one that finally they would be able to hear better and surprised that something so small could do so much! Just think of all the experiences they can now fully share together!

Now, maybe it’s too much of a personal subject for me to have an unbiased opinion.

My Mother is deaf in one ear. She suffered nerve damage due to trauma when I was a baby.

Her hearing loss is unaidable. I always wished there was something to help her hear from that ear. I know from experience through my years with her as well as my years working in this field that generally if there is any embarrassment it’s suffered by the individual with the impairment.

I was NEVER embarrassed by her hearing loss.

I remember feelings of sadness at her embarrassment of her hearing loss which kept her from being fully involved in conversations. I also remember feelings of pride as I watched her struggle with daily tasks/goals and accomplish everything she set out to do without any special treatment for her impairment which would’ve made things so much easier for her.

I remember feelings of anger when my Mother would ask someone to repeat themselves more than once (which was very rare) and they at times would respond “what are ya – deaf?”

I personally think that it would be much more embarrassing to not have aids for daily living if they’re needed. I think I would much rather go out in public with my loved one wearing the silliest looking pair of glasses rather than not wearing them & banging into everything! Or wearing the biggest hearing aids (which are hard to find now) instead of “yelling” during church or responding inappropriately to what they’ve thought someone said, but that’s just me! What are your thoughts?

~ Lorraine

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  1. Dave
    Posted May 19, 2011 at 5:12 pm | Permalink

    When I read this the first time, I felt so sad for the person who was looking forward to getting their hearing aid and was now forced to continue living with hearing loss. Then I felt sorry for the overbearing spouse. The fact that they feel that they don’t want to be seen with their spouse indicates a very low sense of self-esteem. To be worried about what people think of YOU based on a form of assistance that your spouse needs is very sad.

    My partner has mild hearing loss and for the longest time I’ve been wanting him to get his hearing tested. It’s so sad when we’re out with friends and everyone is talking, but he can’t hear what’s being said because of background noise. Put earplugs in and go out with your friends and see what it must be like. It’s very isolating feeling like you aren’t part of the conversation.

    We went to your clinic this week and he finally had his hearing tested. He is so excited to get his hearing aids, and so am I. They are such discrete little things that will do so much for him. The thought that we will be out with friends this weekend and knowing he’ll fully be a part of the conversation is thrilling. No more cupped hands behind his ear, no more asking people to repeat themselves, no more wondering if he didn’t hear me or if he’s ignoring me. ;o)

    Thanks Jerry & Lorraine! This is going to be life-changing for both of us.


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