Why we do what we do!


I just thought I’d share a few insights with you today as I am reflecting on “Why we do what we do!”

There are so many stories/testimonials that our clients share with us that it’s sometimes hard to remember them all precisely but you always remember the feeling of joy and warmth it brings you.

A client was sharing his extreme delight with us yesterday about being able to HEAR the birds for the first time in so long he had forgotten what they sounded like.

I was thinking about being frustrated the other morning that they woke me up!! Puts things into perspective.

We live in a very noisy “outside” world , not all of them pleasant sounds and sometimes we forget to listen to and hear the things that bring us joy.

As a hearing person we take these joyful sounds for granted and tune them out along with the noises that annoy us. Most of the time not even realizing that we’ve done it.

I was reminded of another client many years ago who received hearing aids for the first time. When he came for his follow-up appointment he shared an experience that he had with me that I will now share with you.

He was standing outside his Doctors office and he kept hearing a rustling noise. Looking all around he couldn’t for the life of him figure out what it was and then he looked down and saw a leaf blowing on the ground by his foot.

When he realized that this leaf was connected to that sound & that he never knew what a leaf sounded like, he started to cry. He was still quite emotional when he shared this with me, which made me emotional, that along with the realization yet again how much we take for granted.

The beauty of that simple story is one that has always stayed with me.

Last night when I went home I remembered how I felt about our client hearing the birds and opened myself up to my surroundings outdoors.

We in the Niagara Region are so lucky.

There are so many sounds to enjoy (yes, along with the bird bangers!) we can hear the wheat blowing, the crickets singing, the insects buzzing, the coyotes baying, the cows mooing, the horses naying, the children playing and yes even the birds singing.

Enjoy it all.  HAPPY HEARING! :)





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