SUMMER TIME IS HERE! How do we protect our ears?



We all know how to protect our skin during this season but
what about our ears?

Summer time – hot, hazy and lots to do and see! Water
sports, swimming, water skiing, pool time and beach time. Time to cut the
grass, trim the hedges, fix the fence, and maybe build a deck! Time for outdoor
festivals, concerts, and fireworks.

What about our ears? What should we think about when it
comes to our ears and hearing care?

Watersports are so much fun until you suffer from swimmers
ear, or plugged ears due to water trapped in the canal. You may want to have your
ears checked for debris to prevent water trapping and infections.

Perhaps your child has had Pressure Equalizing Tubes surgically put in the ear drums from a winter
of ear infections. You may consider having custom made swim plugs to prevent
water in the canal. They can be made in a week, are available in many colours
and floatable as well!

Summer usually means increased use of power tools and noise exposure. Always use hearing protection when using lawn mowers, drills, saws, rototillers, gas power washers. Noise exposure adds up over the years. Use foam plugs, or ear muffs, or custom made noise plugs.

Concerts and car races are the greatest in the summer time;
however, being near to or in front of loud speakers/race cars can cause
permanent hearing loss. Protect your hearing with protective devices such as
foam plugs, ear muffs or custom made musicians plugs.

Fireworks are the best! However some of those big bangs are
loud and scary for some little ones. Bring some hearing protection to reduce
the big bangs and enjoy the show!

Have fun, it’s summer! Remember to take care of your

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