Protecting your Hearing

At one time or another, we all find ourselves in noisy surroundings. For some, it may be part of day-to-day work routines – on a manufacturing floor, playing a musical instrument, or operating loud equipment; for others it may be through recreation or relaxation – hunting, listening to music through stereo headphones, or noisy children’s toys. We do not live in a quiet world.

According to the Better Hearing Institute, noise exposure is one of the most common causes of hearing loss today. Whether the exposure occurs over long periods daily or is a brief event, there can be a significant negative effect on our hearing abilities.

Keeping this in mind, there are many ways we can help protect our hearing. Being aware and making choices about the noise level in our environment when practical is essential. We can all take such pro-active steps as turning down the volume, avoiding noisy toys for children and choosing appliances and equipment that generate lower noise levels.

More than one-third of noise-induced hearing loss could be prevented by using appropriate hearing protection whenever possible. There is a wide range of standard or custom-fitted ear protection available for just about every situation. Some of these include:

  • Limiters – available for use in headphones or ear buds to control volume levels for music or gaming. Great news for parents!
  • Digital, filtered ear plugs – very effective for situations where you need to reduce noise without eliminating voices.
  • Specialized musicians’ ear plugs – protect the ear without affecting the range and quality of the music.
  • Disposable foam or plastic ear plugs – great for those one-time events like attending a car race or rock concert.

Registered Audiologist, Jerry Laufman, at Lincoln Hearing Clinic can assist you in finding the most appropriate protection for your needs.

To speak to an expert about the many ways to protect your hearing or to book an appointment, visit or call 905-563-HEAR (4327).

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