Now she can finally hear me & I’m not silent anymore!

From the mouth’s of babes..that was my first thought after watching this video through teary eyes last week on the tv show The Doctor’s. My second thought was I have to share this on our site.

On a daily basis I hear the woes & worries of loved ones of those with untreated hearing loss and why they want them to come in for an appointment and “get something done”.

I also hear from those with loss that have chosen to not to get hearing aids that they “have no problem with the way they hear” or with the things that they don’t.
It is especially for you that I’ve highlighted the profound sentence from this 8 yr. old boy.
I hope through this video you will see how not being heard affects the people who love you, and how much it means to them.

The gift of hearing is a wonderful, heartfelt present for everyone that is affected by hearing loss.
The benefits of hearing are unmeasurable & priceless!

If you have good hearing please protect it, if you have a loss get hearing aids, if you are unsure please get a hearing test.
Call & book an appointment at Lincoln Hearing Clinic today at 905-563-HEAR or through the Contact Us tab on this website

Please click on this link to see the video
Mom hears 8 yr. old son’s voice for the first time


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