Give Me Strength

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said that in the last few months as my husband & I travelled back & forth to separate hospitals in Hamilton before/after/between work & on weekends to visit/care for very close loved ones in our family.
Looking back, it’s actually been one of my main mantras since choosing to be an only parent of twins when I became pregnant at 23.
You can only hope for enough strength to get you through those days when you feel utterly drained and the worry/sadness you just don’t have time for starts creeping in.
We see so many people in our office that inspire me daily & I try to think of them when I get a bit down.
I, like many others watched the funeral procession for Nathan Cirillo today.
I won’t go into all my thoughts and feelings surrounding everything about that horrible tragedy as that would make a very long read.
I will tell you that there were two main things that struck an extreme chord on my heartstrings and left a huge impression on me while I was watching, stayed with me throughout the day & probably will be there for a long time.
The first was how quiet the people in my usually “Loud &Proud” Hamilton ‘hood were, and the second was the image of little 5 yr old Marcus following his Father Nathan’s coffin so brave, waving his flag.
I reflected again on the image of Marcus as I was going into ICU at Juravinski Hospital for a visit with our loved one tonight. As I came out of ICU I ran into an old friend who just received & relayed the news that her Father was not going to make it. As I held her I tried with all my might to will my strength into her.
It never ceases to amaze me how much you have when someone else needs it, surprising at times where you draw it from.
Leaving the hospital I was thankful that I was able to provide a bit of comfort to someone in need, that our loved one was being moved out of ICU & that I had the strength to make it through another day.
If I had a nickel… for every time I said “give me strength” I’d probably have a zillion dollars & I would’ve given it all to Marcus Cirillo tonight. A little 5 yr. old boy who just lost his father, from whose image I gained strength from when I needed it.

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