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Welcome back to the hot stove! For discussion today “to verify or not to verify? That is the question”.  Since the “digital” hearing aid revolution has occurred over the last 10 years the software to program these hearing aids have had growing pains yet have steadily improved. However, software is a “prediction” of  how to “set” the hearing aids to your hearing loss. Real ear measurements are an excellent tool to “verify” if the soft ware is providing appropriate amplification for your hearing loss.

 WHAT is verification? In my mind,  verification is an objective measure to “prove or verify”  your hearing aid is providing the best hearing possible for you.  

 HOW is verification performed? A soft” tube-like” microphone is placed near your ear drum while the hearing aids are in your ear. Real speech is played while the hearing aid is adjusted according to your hearing loss to have the speech sound clearly audible to you. The microphone records and displays “the speech sounds you can hear and cannot hear” with the hearing aid in your ear. A reasonable  goal is to have 80- 100% audibility depending on the hearing loss and the hearing aid used.

WHEN should  your hearing aids be verified?  I prefer to verify  my patients hearing aids during the first fitting . You should walk out of your hearing clinic with the best hearing experience the first day your hearing aids are fit, not at a follow up 2-3 weeks, or months later. Verification should also be performed again if there is a change in hearing aids, ear molds, domes, or speakers, etc.

 WHY verify? Although the manufacturers software have improved significantly over the years, the hearing aid settings in the software may not reflect what sound is being amplified at your ear drum. In fact, it can be significantly different in many cases. For example, if there is a perforation in the ear drum the amplification from the hearing aid can be adjusted to compensate for the perforation and larger ear canal cavity.

Real ear measurement is a wonderful tool that can verify your hearing aids are providing maximum speech audibility from the first fit! So when looking for a Hearing Clinic/Professional to purchase hearing aids, ask  if they do Real Ear Measurement & have your Hearing Aids verified!

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    Thanks for sharing guys. So many clinics out there do not verify. We have the same policy at our clinic. Verify at the first fitting at the clinic. Thanks again

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    REM is an absolute essential that should be performed for both the microphone & telecoil functions. No REM? No sale!


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