Enjoy the Sounds of the Season!

The holidays are upon us once again. Seems like every year that goes by December comes sooner!
So much hustling & bustling to & fro. The best part of all is celebrating with family and friends.
Imagine how hard it is for those of us who can’t fully enjoy this time due to the fact that they can’t fully engage in conversations because of a hearing impairment.

Some folks have a hearing loss and are unaware of the fact (they are usually the last ones to know!) and others even though they have hearing aids can finding hearing difficult in certain situations.

We can help make sure our friends and loved ones are  included in the joys of Christmas by practicing these
Good Communication Habits :

  • Get the attention of the person before you speak
  • Don’t shout! Speak clearly & just a tad slower than normal
  • Try moving to a quieter area to have a conversation
  • Move close enough to be heard and seen
  • Rephrase with different words if repeated word not understood
  • Be patient

I’m also including some reference links below:

Understanding Hearing Loss

When someone you know has a hearing loss

Whatever you’re doing & wherever you are we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a most joyous holiday!

~ Jerry & Lorraine

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