Don’t dis your ability!

Is it wrong to be glad for good TV when all we’re seeing lately is how bad for our health sitting is?
When it’s this cold for soo long I’m thankful it’s there & as long as there’s something positive to be had from it that’s all the better!
Jerry & I got caught up on The Voice Season 8 episodes the other night.
It’s one of the very few shows that we enjoy watching together, and I have to say I’m super excited to see what this season brings.
We enjoy the music, the camaraderie amongst the judges and trying to guess who will pick who & what the comments/thoughts will be.
There are 2 artists in particular that I’m looking forward to seeing the progression of, although as far as I’m concerned they’re both already winners.
They both scored a spot on Team Christina and they both have hearing loss.
First is 16 yr. old Treeva Gibson who was born to deaf parents & has a mild hearing loss herself.
Second is 23 yr. old Sonic (the name she adopted from her band mates)
Hearing Loss does not discriminate, it affects young & old.
I wanted to showcase these artists & The Voice so others can see why people with hearing loss should not be discriminated against.
These artists have talent & what a blessing that The Voice has given them a platform for us to witness it.
Hopefully their accomplishment will encourage others to embrace their abilities & share their gifts!

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