A hearing test won’t hurt you! Find out what will happen during your test by reading this article.

Getting your hearing checked for the first time is straightforward and pain free. As you do not need a referral from a physician, simply call to book an appointment with a hearing healthcare professional.

A first comprehensive hearing checkup can take about an hour or more. No preparation is needed, but it can be helpful to bring along a family member or friend who can provide input and reassurance.

Your appointment begins with a comprehensive discussion about your past and present health history, lifestyle, hobbies and employment that may have had an effect on your hearing health. There will be a thorough physical check of every component of your ears – outer ear, ear canal, ear wax buildup if any, how each ear drum moves.

You can expect to participate in non-invasive technical tests such as a “Beep” test or audiogram, in a sound-proof room. This procedure tests your hearing sensitivity to varying levels of tones and frequencies. Wearing specialized head phones, simply raise your hand whenever you hear a beep. Responses are recorded on a graph which tracks your hearing sensitivity levels. Your hearing healthcare professional will also conduct communication tests, such as presenting an oral list of words to determine how you discriminate a variety of specific speech sounds.

Your hearing healthcare professional will review all aspects of the evaluation and testing and if no hearing loss is indicated, results can be kept as a baseline for future testing. If hearing loss is evident, you will be given a diagnosis, education and counseling.

Each individual is unique. Taking your lifestyle, health and other factors into account, your hearing healthcare professional, such as registered audiologist Jerry Laufman at the Lincoln Hearing Clinic, will work closely with you to determine next steps. You can make well-informed decisions based on clear information about appropriate remedial strategies, treatment plans, the benefits and limitations of hearing aids and related costs and financial assistance programs.

For more information or to book a hearing test at the Lincoln Hearing Clinic, visit www.lincolnhearing.ca or call Lorraine Baker-Laufman at 905-563-HEAR (4327).


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