Could you be hearing better?

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A baby’s chuckle, a car horn, a ringing phone, quiet conversation – everyday sounds bring pleasure, give warning, command attention and communicate to others – they are woven into the fabric of our lives.

However, without even realizing it’s happening, everyday sounds may not be as clear as they once were. The truth is, hearing loss can begin at any age and for many different reasons.

Routine physicals, dental check-ups and eye examinations have proven highly beneficial to enjoying good health. The same holds true for regular hearing tests. It is never too early to establish a baseline level for your hearing. Having a hearing test once every 2 to 3 years, beginning in one’s 40s adds a pro-active approach to hearing health.

While abrupt hearing loss due to accident or illness demands immediate attention, gradual hearing loss is often a surprise. Even when family, friends or co-workers point out occasionally embarrassing instances of words misunderstood or higher volumes for television or radio, it may take time to admit that changes are occurring. In fact, subconsciously compensating for subtle changes rather than admitting to hearing loss is not unusual.

Improving hearing ability does not mean unattractive devices or “looking old” – both common reasons for procrastinating. Today’s hearing assistance devices are discreet, elegant and effective. A recent article by experienced audiologist, Jerry Laufman of the Lincoln Hearing Clinic, outlines exciting improvements to hearing devices (“Study shows positive benefits of new hearing device…”). Technology has come a long way!

Consultation with a registered Audiologist may even reveal that gradual hearing loss is the result of severe ear wax buildup which can be promptly dealt with.

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